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International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

TrustCloud Video Banking

The certified customer service solution from the digital branch, as if it were present

Video Banking is a term used to make financial advice and secure banking transactions through a remote video connection with assisted video technology.

The whole process is also recorded and guarded, so that the bank has all the necessary evidence to prove that the connection was established at a specific time, as well as the identity, integrity, intentionality and authenticity of its content.

The deployment of a video banking service through TrustCloud allows financial institutions to reduce their dependence on physical branches, saving a costs related to real estate, furniture, office supplies, and other expenses, while providing a humanized digital service that builds user trust and increases the product subscription rate.

Bank managers will interact live with customers personally through the browser or mobile, improving the user experience with a totally new service, accessible from any device and anywhere. All this with background tools that secure and protect videocalls from third party intrusions or manipulations.

A digital experience deployable in a few hours through which we can capture images and video, while helping users with text annotations, chat, control of camera capabilities and assisted navigation to the client, to make them feel as if they were in a physical bank office.

TrustCloud Video Banking Features

The Video Banking service integrates powerful features in real time, beyond the simple functionalities of a video conference to improve live interactions with customers:

Customers queued to be attended by an agent that matches their case of use and needs for the video banking service.

The agent and the client can engage in conversation via chat during the session.

OTP code
Authentication OTP by SMS + silent OTP.

Video Recording
Sessions are recorded (.mp4 format) and will be accessible in any browser or media player, while protecting the privacy and data of the session and the client.

Advantages of video banking

Video banking will provide your company with a series of advantages that no other competitor is currently offering its customers:

  • It helps to develop a closer relationship with customers and an improved user experience.
  • It offers a superior experience to online chat for complex interactions, and far superior to a phone call.
  • Provides easier access to experts.
  • Reduces the need for digital customers to switch from one channel to another for their operations (web to phone to email, etc.), and reduces the need for all customers to personally go to branches.
  • Saves customers time and increases employee productivity.
  • Makes sales efficiently.
  • Helps meet new regulatory requirements, as well as the new market trends.
  • It is a catalyst for social inclusion (sign language and mobility problems).


TrustCloud Video Banking is endowed with numerous features that help agents to provide a digital service as if it were face-to-face:

Real-time HD video

High quality






Capture and save

Adjustment of bandwidth
to the client

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