International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

TrustCloud VideoID Assisted

Assisted video identifications of maximum security without harming the user experience

TrustCloud assisted video identification incorporates the live presence of a professional video agent throughout the entire course of the electronic process, with the aim of guiding the user through the digital experience, resolving any incident instantly and adding an extra security “layer” from the agent’s own supervision and surveillance.

With that extra “layer” of security, TrustCloud assisted Video ID becomes the most secure identification method in the world. The combination of state-of-the-art verification and authentication technologies, video call  recording, session auditing, and professional surveillance by an expert identity agent make up a four-fold security barrier that stops any attempt at identity fraud and discourages scammers. In addition, assisted video identification also has a subsequent back-office review that ensures the correct development of the service and compliance with all security standards.

A more human than digital experience  

While ensuring the true identity of users unequivocally, the assisted modality of TrustCloud VideoID fully humanizes the digital process and generates a very positive user experience, both for company and client. The presence of the video agent on the other side of the screen makes the user feel always accompanied by a real person. This allows the client to resolve all his/her doubts with the agent and it gives them the confidence that he/she will complete the process correctly. In this sense, the assisted modality promotes customer loyalty of the digital processes of the company hired by TrustCloud VideoID, reducing churn rates, and consolidating the company’s digital transformation.

Thanks to the personal assistance of the video agent, TrustCloud assisted video identification is especially useful for the less digitized population sectors and for people with special needs who cannot handle digital tools with full autonomy, such as blind or deaf people.

Assisted Video ID process, step by step

The customer connects to the video identification process by a private link or during the course of a digital transaction

The connection between company and customer can arise from an inbound call (the customer calls the company) or outbound call (the company calls the customer)

The service activates all the processes and the video call session starts​

ID document verification, biometryc analysis, authentication steps and other AI and manual tools prove the identity of the customer

After video identification, following events and services are activated​

Qualified evidence is obtained by means of the API of the video platform, and notifications are sent to the customer about the approval of his/her identification

The evidence is stored securely (using physical and cryptographic measures) in the TrustCloud Vault architecture, and further notifications are sent to the customer​

Benefits of Assisted VideoID

TrustCloud assisted video identification provides companies with the most secure and rigorous identification method in the world, without the need for the company to establish its own team of video agents. The integration of the video identification service to the company is fully implemented, including the certified TrustCloud Fraud Experts, who are then put at the service of the corporate needs.

The end user, on their behalf, benefits from the individualized assistance of a video agent who will guide and help him/her with any questions or incidents he/she may have during the verification process. The team of more than 100 professional Fraud Experts at TrustCloud is multilingual and hired at source, so users will be accompanied by a person who speaks their language and who can attend to their cultural circumstances (for example, when adjusting the analyzes biometrics in Arab women who wear headscarves or other facial clothing).

These are other advantages offered by the Assisted TrustCloud VideoID service:

  • Humanizes the electronic verification process and improves its accessibility among less digitized people and others with special needs.
  • Offers a globally scalable identification service by providing a multilingual team of video agents hired at source.
  • It generates a very positive user experience that improves the company’s brand image and consolidates its digital transformation.
  • Improves the performance of the identification process by allowing instant resolution of incidents between the user and the video agent.
  • The supervision and the human judgment of the video agent substitutes and corrects the inaccuracies of the technology during the process.
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