International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

TrustCloud MobileID

Everyday, people communicate, buy, work, manage their finances, exchange payments and do many significant activities through mobile devices such as smartphones, making them a crucial part of their lives and an additional part of our identites.

Telephone lines and cell phones have a strong relationship with a person’s digital life and his/her identity, as they are two elements that “centralize” that activity and identity. A personal telephone number is, in effect, a number that serves to identify a person remotely and to be able to contact him/her telematically.

When registering a new cell phone line, telephone operators verify the identity of the owner in order to make a correct association between telephone number and person. That’s why Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) currently have lots of information about their users, such as ID card number or address, along with device information, usage and billing data.

Thus, mobile operator data provides another valuable and reliable layer of identity intelligence that TrustCloud MobileID can give you access, strictly complying with GDPR and other data protection matters, offering you one more layer of security about real identity and fraud prevention.

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