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International Technical Support: (EU): +44 (20) 80891215 & (US): +1 312 248 7781 |

TrustCloud Transactional Room

Secure and human video transactions

The “human face” of the digital economy

A human presence in digital processes generates much more approval and trust among users, thus providing better results for the company. Real-time assisted transactions also make it more straightforward for many users to access these processes.

TrustCloud Transactional Room is the perfect solution for promoting a secure and humanized digital transformation, made by everyone for everyone. It is a secure video transaction service which provides a virtual area for live collaboration to complete electronic transactions in a more human and cooperative way, compared to automated transactions. The use of video assistance throughout the course of a transaction allows participants to interact and help each other “face to face” from beginning to end, as though they were meeting in person.

In addition, TrustCloud Transactional Room generates extra security which minimises fraud and identity theft, as it continuously shows and records the person on the other side of the screen who is requesting, negotiating, agreeing to, and signing the transaction.

Maximum cybersecurity

TrustCloud Transactional Room protects all transactions: from the simplest to those which pose the highest risk. The solution clearly shows the presence and the image of those parties participating in the transaction, which acts as a deterrent to cybercriminals and fraudsters.

TrustCloud Transactional Room guarantees every level of security necessary for any digital transaction in a single, streamlined process. The identity of the customer, their intentions, and documents, as well as the integrity of the processes are authorised instantly, generating evidence of non-repudiation which is reinforced by the audiovisual recording and the subsequent audit of the session.

The way in which the transaction is carried out by means of video-assisted technology, the instant communication offered, and the “background” cybersecurity techniques allow users to enter cyber negotiations with a level of security and speed that the market has never seen before.

How it works

The organisation that issues the video transaction decides when to activate it, which users can participate and the type of control that each person can have over the transaction (who can sign and who cannot, who can handle and download the documents and who cannot, etc.). Likewise, data masking tools allow the organisation to hide any data and parts of documents which it would rather or which it must keep confidential.

Once the participants are brought together, the video call carries out certified video identification of the guest user before continuing with the rest of the transaction. The personal details of the user, their identity documents and other evidential documents are therefore verified, guaranteeing their real identity. Host users of the video call may also reinforce authentication of guests by carrying out proof of life and asking them live questions about their personal details.

After the identification has been completed, the parties interact in the same video session to negotiate the transaction and proceed to the electronic signature of the documents, ensuring that the correctly identified guest user is the same person who signs the documents.

Multisector solution

TrustCloud Transactional Room is designed as a virtual meeting area for carrying out the highest-risk and most complex transactions with full guarantees, meaning that digital banking and insurance companies warmly welcome this solution. Transactions in these sectors call for heightened cybersecurity to prevent serious financial crime and economic fraud, and also require companies to have an extensive knowledge of their customers in accordance with KYC regulations.

TrustCloud Transactional Room is ideal for signing transfers of large amounts of money, mortgages, and high-value loans in markets where this is permitted by their regulations, as well as full coverage insurance policies and onboarding processes which are completely digital.

The vehicle rental and financing sector may also discover an ingenious way to attract new customers with TrustCloud Transactional Room. When buying or renting a car, customers must go to a dealership to authenticate their identity, validate their driving license, and prove their economic viability before they can get behind the wheel. Now, customers can complete all these processes from home using TrustCloud Transactional Room, while waiting for their vehicle to be sent to their house.

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